Breathe Life Into Your Dead Inventory: Investment Recovery

One method to recover your investment is to sell unneeded parts such as surplus wire and cable. Often, businesses keep many parts in their inventory that no longer match their machinery.

This is no fault of your own, as the electrical business is constantly changing as time goes on. It’s only a matter of time before those spare parts in the back will lose their value to your business. This is where investment recovery comes in. 

You may one day find yourself surrounded by spare, outdated parts you no longer need. “Where can I sell my excess inventory?” you may ask yourself. The answer to this question is with Electrical Power and Control’s program called investment recovery. Investment recovery is a great way to reduce your inventory of unneeded parts while also giving you a great return on your investment.

How Does It Work?

Investment recovery of your extra parts is easy, and it all starts with a conversation. We’ll send someone over to talk with you about your extra parts and help assess whether or not you need them. After all, why keep them around if they don’t fit your equipment?

What happens often is that our customers will, over time, upgrade their aging machinery little by little. When this happens, their inventory becomes obsolete, or dead, because some of the parts may not work well with newer equipment. If this happens to you, we can come in and assess your parts for their value, offering you a fair price to sell to us.

Why You Should Go With Investment Recovery

There are many reasons to go with investment recovery, such as increased inventory space and some of your money back that you can put into your business.

Let’s say there’s a company that has its storage room filled with spare parts. It’s been like this for a few years, and the parts have been of use to them. But as more and more equipment has been brought into the factory, some of the parts have to be moved to a separate warehouse so they don’t take up so much space. The company has to rent this warehouse, and it’s an expense the boss, Gary, isn’t happy to pay.

Recently, the workers have found that sometimes the parts don’t fit some of the newer machines. Not only that, but getting to the warehouse is a pain and takes too much time, which extends the downtime of machinery and the workers.

One worker goes to Gary and asks if they could get rid of the old parts and buy some new ones. This would also allow them to stop using the warehouse. Gary would like to, but he doesn’t know anyone who would want to buy such old, outdated parts.

Overhearing this conversation is the boss’s daughter, who tells them both about a company she heard of, Electrical Power and Control. She informs them that they have an investment recovery service for problems like these. Gary picks up the phone and calls.

The next morning, he meets with the EPC employee and the two of them discuss what to do with the parts. After confirming that most of them cannot be used in the facility, the employee offers to buy the parts for a fair price, ensuring it will be a great return on his investment. Gary agrees, and the two shake on it.

Now, the company can stop renting the warehouse, and they have more room in their storage. The employee goes a step further in offering to help Gary pick out new parts that will fit his equipment. The company can now get back to a sufficient rate of production knowing that they have the right parts on standby.

What About New Parts?

Don’t be afraid of losing your extra parts. We know that it’s important to have them to limit downtime and keep production rolling, so that’s why we’ll also help you pick out the new parts you need. The best thing about our investment recovery service is that you can either get paid upfront for your old parts, or you can get credit with our stores. Either way, if you like, we can work with you to help you find the right parts for your upgraded machinery.

For more information on investment recovery, check out our Sell To Us page on our website, or call us at 1-800-344-5575.