Factory Facelift For Funds: Investment Recovery

When a factory has to get rid of a piece of equipment, whether because it is broken or needs to be replaced, that old equipment is often taken to a scrapyard. It is then turned into what is called breakage, then processed in a furnace to be reused.

This may be good, but the process only yields a measly sum compared to the original purchase price of the machinery. Investment recovery aims to buy old factory equipment for a fair price that gives you a return on your investment.

What Is Investment Recovery And How Does It Work?

Investment recovery is a service designed to liquidate your inventory of electrical and factory equipment you don’t need anymore. It can seem complicated at first, with words like “divestment” being thrown around, but the process is actually simple.

The first part is identification. This involves having someone come out and evaluate the equipment and take note of its condition.

Then, they will check to see if it can be reused elsewhere in the facility. This is the second part, called redeployment.

If the equipment cannot be reused or repurposed, the person will offer to buy off the equipment. This final part is called divestment.

How Does A Factory Get A Facelift And Get You Money At The Same Time?

Let’s say a factory needs to get rid of some outdated, broken equipment. Dan, the foreman, would normally haul this equipment out and send it to a scrapyard to be broken down and reused. This would yield some money, but not much. The company wants a bigger return on its investment into that equipment to put that money toward the new, updated equipment that will replace the outdated ones. 

“How can I liquidate my inventory?” he asks aloud. One co-worker mentions something he heard about selling surplus electrical parts to a company called Electrical Power and Control. Dan, interested, contacts them. They send someone over to evaluate the equipment, and then they decide to buy it. Now Dan has some money in his pocket that he can put back into his business for upgrades.

Why Should You Consider Investment Recovery?

There are many benefits to investment recovery that can help your business. It can:

  • Provide higher funds than selling to the scrap yard – First, investment recovery can give you more money than selling to the scrapyard can. This is because scrapyards only give you pocket change for your equipment. Investment recovery can give you a lot more of your money back, a real return on your investment.
  • Prevent your equipment from ending up in landfills – Investment recovery can also prevent your equipment from ending up in landfills. If by chance your equipment doesn’t end up being melted down and repurposed, it could end up in a landfill unnecessarily. Using investment recovery to get rid of your equipment prevents this.
  • Free up space in your facility for other equipment – Going with investment recovery can also make more room in your facility for that shiny new model you’ve been looking at for a while. Instead of letting those old hunks of junk gather dust, trade them in for some cash.

We will evaluate anything you have, from the largest equipment down to the smallest components.

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