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Have you ever experienced the stress associated with electrical power loss? Or maybe your outdated equipment is constantly consuming your maintenance budget?

With over 25 years in the electrical maintenance and repair business, we know the struggle that power loss can create. So, when a production line or process equipment is down we can help, we have solutions for your electrical problems. Let us “EmPower Your Business” that’s what we do.

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Industrial and Commercial Electrical Parts and Components

Circuit Breakers

We sell all major name brand and obsolete circuit breakers. Ranging from 15 Amps to 5,000 Amps.
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Circuit Breaker Parts

Lugs, Trip Units, Shunt Trips, Auxiliary Switches, and more!
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Motor Starters

We sell all major name brand and obsolete motor starters. Ranging from Size 00 to Size 5.
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Motor Starter Parts

We have a large selection of Motor Starter parts. Ranging from Starter Coils to Thermal Overload Heaters.
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Air Breaker Parts

New, Used, and Obsolete Air Breaker Controls and Parts.
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Electrical Enclosures

Bus Plugs, Disconnects, MCC Buckets, and Breaker Enclosures. 20 Amp - 2,000 Amp
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Check out our growing selection of Electrical Power and Control Merchandise!
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Also check out our Miscellaneous Items!
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Electrical Power and Control provides a full range of repair options. We can test and repair your existing equipment, provide you with spare equipment to keep production running, and even offer rental service for short-term projects.
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