Electrical Inventory Efficiency: Investment Recovery

Recently, we presented an investment recovery series focusing on the value in your demolition parts, broken down machinery, and unneeded inventory. The overall theme of the articles and videos we posted is that of inventory efficiency.

In other words, how do you get the most money back from the amount of money you put in buying your inventory? That’s essentially what investment recovery and inventory efficiency is all about.

What Do You Do With Electrical Parts You Don’t Need?

When It Is Demolition Time

If you are demolishing a building and you find scrap parts around, we want to buy them. Sure, you could send them to the scrapyard where they will be repurposed, but you will only get pennies in return. With us, you can sell your scrapped electrical parts to regain some of your money back.

When It Is Upgrade Time

Before you ship off that broken machinery to the scrap heap, consider calling us for a factory facelift for funds. Oftentimes, machinery can be repurposed elsewhere in your facility. If possible, we will help you determine if it can be. If it can’t, we will assess its condition and offer you a price. This gets you a return on your investment while also opening up some room in your factory for new equipment. 

When It Is Spring Cleaning Time

If you find that you don’t have enough space for the parts you actually use, consider selling us the old, outdated ones. Clutter is never a good thing, especially if that clutter is made up of unneeded parts. We can help breathe life into your dead inventory by buying your old parts and getting you back a portion of the money you originally paid for them. If you need to purchase new replacement parts, we can help with that, too. 

Why Sell To Us?

One major benefit of selling to us instead is that extra parts and machinery will often end up in landfills. The sheer amount of trash that landfills accumulate on a daily basis is staggering. 

Did you know that 1.4 billion pounds of trash go into landfills in the United States per day? On top of that, it takes 18,500 trucks per day to move it all. If those trucks were stacked, they would equal the height of 173 Empire State Buildings. If one year’s worth of those trucks were laid out end to end, they would stretch 12 laps around the Earth at the equator. Lastly, five year’s worth of those trucks laid out end to end would stretch the distance to the moon and back.

electrical inventory efficiency

Another huge benefit is recuperating some of the money that you put into your inventory in the first place. Why throw away a part or piece of equipment when you could get extra cash for it instead?

Finally, improving your workspace can improve your workflow leading to greater efficiency all the way around.

Tips for Inventory Efficiency

Being efficient with your inventory is helpful in running your business smoothly. Here are a few things you can do to help ensure that your inventory is the best it can be:

1. Know your equipment and keep it organized
2. Avoid excess clutter
3. Steward the parts and equipment you’ve been entrusted with.

The better you know your equipment, the better it can perform. Knowing where its weak points are and what parts need to be regularly replaced is going to help you know what parts to keep in stock. Organizing parts by CAT number according to type or use can help parts be easily found when needed.

Keeping things organized and controlling clutter are also important to the efficiency of your inventory. No one wants their inventory to look like a landfill or dump. Try organizing your inventory so you and anyone else can find what they need. Consider adding bins or shelving to sort parts and designating certain places within your factory or warehouse for specific equipment can help you stay organized. It’s a good idea to have a written plan for organizing the inventory and a map of where parts and equipment are located.

As a manager, try asking yourself “Am I a good steward?” What do we mean by this? Having good stewardship is taking care of what has been given to you. Having a good system in place for managing inventory will increase its efficiency. Being a good steward in the biblical sense is essentially referring to the primary way you live your life for the glory of God. Just as you are a good steward of your business and its inventory, this in turn allows you to be a good steward of the land. By throwing fewer parts and equipment into landfills, you steward the Earth.

We hope that you can see that Electrical Power and Control can be a part (no pun intended) of keeping your inventory organized and efficiently managed. For help on the journey to electrical inventory efficiency, call us at 1-800-344-5575 or check out our Sell To Us page.