Bench Testing a Nema Size 4 Motor Starter

This is a short video designed to help you save time and headaches with a simple test before you install a size 4 motor starter. We’ll bench-test the operating coil, overload block, and cutoff switch, to ensure you are not installing a faulty starter.

Why should you bench-test electrical equipment?

  • To ensure that the components or devices are working properly before they are installed in a system. This can help to prevent costly repairs or downtime later on.
  • To identify any potential problems with the components or devices. This can help to avoid safety hazards or other issues.
  • To test the performance of the components or devices under a variety of conditions. This can help to ensure that they will perform reliably in the real world.
  • To develop and improve new designs. Bench testing can be used to test new designs and configurations before they are put into production. This can help to identify any potential problems and make sure that the new design is working as intended.
  • To troubleshoot problems. If a system is not working properly, bench testing can be used to identify the source of the problem. This can help to save time and money on repairs.

Conducting bench tests before installing the new or refurbished electrical parts can prevent loss of time and possible headaches. Always make sure the starter is fully functional before installing it in your application, it can save time and money.

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