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Electrical enclosures protect electrical components from environmental hazards like dust, water, dirt, corrosive substances, and physical impact, and also protect people from accidental electric shocks. They are used in a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, telecommunications, energy, and transportation.

Having an electrical enclosure can help to extend the lifespan of the equipment inside and reduce maintenance costs. A properly installed and maintained electrical enclosure also reduces downtime, as it can decrease the risk of electrical failure and fires. With proper application and upkeep, an electrical enclosure can keep your components and staff safe from harm while increasing your overall productivity!

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Custom Design And Built

Due to a nationwide shortage of electrical enclosures, manufacturers are majorly backed up. Putting an order in now could mean waiting an entire year or longer to get the one you need…


At Electrical Power and Control, we can custom-build an enclosure in as little as three weeks to a month!


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