4 Simple Steps for Electrical Safety

We all know how essential electricity is in our everyday lives: comfort, communication, work systems, and even the basic needs all run on electrical power these days. But, as important as it is, electricity can be fickle and potentially dangerous when not properly managed.

Problems with power can range from the minor annoyances, like losing all the progress you made in a project you sunk hours into because there was a power outage before you could save your progress, to the absolutely catastrophic things like electrical fires.

The bottom line is that electricity is still a force of nature – just like wind, water, and fire. All of these are important to our survival, but each one can be lethal if they aren’t managed properly.

Problems can arise if you don't take the proper electrical safety precautions

Electrical Power and Control Consultants has over 25 years of experience in making sure your electrical needs are met efficiently and safely. Here is a quick list of ways to prevent electrical problems and damage, so you can keep going about your day securely.

Our CEO, Pat Sims, spoke with us about a problem with the power at a local superstore. Fortunately, he and the team at Electrical Power and Control were able to fix it quickly and efficiently.

In four simple questions, see how a reigning expert explains what happened, how it can be avoided, and what to do for your own business to prevent potentially costly electrical problems.

What exactly caused the electrical safety issue?

An employee was using a remote control shopping cart trolley, and when he rolled the carts into the bay the cart trolley smashed sideways into the main 2500 amp circuit breaker.

This sudden side-blow caused the circuit breaker to trip (open), and shut down facility power – including the grocery store’s freezer section.

How could this electrical safety issue have been avoided?

  • The shopping carts could have been stored in a different location.
  • It also could have been avoided by not allowing unqualified personnel in the electrical area.
  • By installing protective barricades in front of the main breaker to safeguard the unit, the damage would have never happened.

How much worse would this electrical safety issue have been if you and your team hadn’t been able to respond so quickly?

A prolonged power outage would have allowed food to spoil. This could not only cause a large financial loss to the store, but also a loss of other revenue.

When the lights are out, registers down, and other such problems are there, there is no way to run the business. 

What advice would you give to others?

Lock or Safeguard your electrical rooms and allow only qualified personnel to enter.

Also, be sure to store general use items, inventory, and things you will need on a regular basis away from electrical distribution areas.

Here we see one perfect example of how a seemingly simple issue almost caused a major catastrophe for a business. Be sure you take the appropriate steps with electrical secuity and safety for your business beforehand. Not sure where to start? Then let the professionals here at Electrical Power and Control show you how it’s done.